About Us


Passionate about fashion and exclusive designs. In my search for unique treasures around the world, my brand TABITHA was born. The illusion, dedication and love for craftsmanship, did the rest, creating exclusive and original designs, with a lot of love.

Unique pieces for women with style and personality.

My designs are personalized with unique vintage pieces from all over the world. Indian sarees, Afghan tribal embroidery, vintage Afghan jewelery, Indian vintage jewelery and rhinestones, wonderful lace ... this is how I turn my designs into something special, UNIQUE.

The jewelry and textiles used for customization are exclusive pieces, achieved through vintage Indian and Afghan outfits.

Its history and origin is very interesting as are the wonderful hand-embroidered pieces.

These textiles have come a long way to get where they are today. They have less or more seniority. Many times they have a story, a journey, until they come to you. They have survived wars, accompanying women ... And as a result, these original pieces may have some damage that treasures everything lived.

Indian vintage textiles are embroidered and embellished in real gold and silver ornaments, studded with precious stones, they are unique vintage pieces that were worn by women belonging to royal families. In ancient times it was regarded as the Royal Indian attire.

In TABITHA you will also find the best accessories for your holidays, such as hand-painted handmade bags that are an authentic work of art.

For all this my exclusive designs become an eclectic mix of cultures, love and war.

Each creation contains a piece of me, which would be impossible without you.

I hope you like it! And stay by my side!